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Japanese Management and International Studies
(Editor-in Chief : Professor Yasuhiro Monden, Japan)
(ISSN: 1793-2874)

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Management Control Systems for Strategic Changes cover

Vol. 1 Value-Based Management of the Rising Sun (Japan)
edited by Yasuhiro Monden, Kanji Miyamoto, Kazuki Hamada, Gunyung Lee & Takayuki Asada
Vol. 2 Japanese Management Accounting Today
edited by Yasuhiro Monden, Masanobu Kosuga, Yoshiyuki Nagasaka, Shufuku Hiraoka & Noriko Hoshi
Vol. 3 Japanese Project Management
KPM — Innovation, Development and Improvement
edited by Shigenobu Ohara & Takayuki Asada
Vol. 4 International Management Accounting in Japan
Current Status of Electronics Companies
edited by Kanji Miyamoto
Vol. 5 Business Process Management of Japanese and Korean Companies
edited by Gunyung Lee, Masanobu Kosuga, Yoshiyuki Nagasaka & Byungkyu Sohn
Vol. 6 M&A for Value Creation in Japan
edited by Yasuyoshi Kurokawa
Vol. 7 Business Group Management in Japan
edited by Kazuki Hamada
Vol. 8 Management of an Inter-Firm Network
edited by Yasuhiro Monden

Vol. 9 Management of Service Business in Japan
edited by Yasuhiro Monden
Vol. 10 Management of Enterprise Crises in Japan
edited by Yasuhiro Monden
Vol. 11 Entrepreneurship in Asia
edited by Stephen Dun-Hou Tsai
Vol. 12 Lean Management of Global Supply Chain
edited by SYasuhiro Monden & Yoshiteru Minagawa
Vol. 13 Management of Innovation Strategy in Japanese Companie
edited by Kazuki Hamada & Shufuku Hiraoka
Vol. 14 Holistic Business Process Management
edited by Gunyung Lee, Masanobu Kosuga, and Yoshiyuki Nagasaka
Vol. 15 Fixed Revenue Accouting : A New Management Accounting Framework
edited by Kenichi Suzuki
Vol. 16  Sustainability Management and Business Strategy in Asia
edited by Katsuhiko Kokubu and Yoshiyuki Nagasaka
Vol. 17 Management Control Systems For Strategic Changes: Applying To Dematurity And Transformation Of Organizations
edited by Takami Matsuo (Kobe University, Japan) and Yoshinobu Shima

Japanese Cost Management  by Yasuhiro Monden (ISBN 1-86094-185-0)

Pub. date: Jul 2000

  Japanese companies have been struggling under severe depression for the past ten years, but recently the bad loans of the banking section have been much removed or improved and at the same time the borrowing companies (debtors) are also revived these days. This book series discusses the management systems of Japanese・companies recently developed. That is, the new Japanese-type management or new management systems developed in Japan will be examined to inform readers of Japanese strategic behaviors, management controls and operations management, and further the systems to promote actual achievement of goals and to evaluate the performance. The management systems originally developed in other countries are also examined from the viewpoints of Japanese applications. When foreign researchers or practitioners submit their papers to us, their oversea practices and systems will be included as comparative studies with Japanese systems.
  The subjects to be included are management systems of organizations in a broad sense (including an inter-organizational network, etc.) and especially managerial accounting systems that support the organizations. They include topics of business strategy, organizational reform, corporate finance, M&A, environmental management, business models, operations management, managerial & financial accounting, performance evaluation & rewards systems for the managers, and revenue & cost management techniques, etc. The research methodology is interdisciplinary, which includes case studies, theoretical and empirical studies.

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