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Introduction to the Objectives and Activities of the Japan Society of Organization and Accounting

The Japan Society of Organization and Accounting was established by Professor Yasuhiro Monden (Emeritus Professor at Tsukuba University) with the aim of contributing to both industry and academics on a global scale by publicizing the results of business management and accounting research internationally. (This Society began with the establishment of the “Management and Accounting Information Workshop” in 1993. The name of the society was then changed to the “Japan Institute of Management and Accounting Research,” which in turn was developmentally dissolved and newly established as the Japan Society of Organization and Accounting in December of 2008.)

We are currently involved in the following four main activities:

  1. The annual publication of the English book series Japanese Management and International Studies.
  2. Holding seminars and workshops, where seminars are held four times a year and workshops are held under various specific themes. The final results of the presentations made during these seminars and workshops are then published in the annual English book series.
  3. The publication of research results as books, monographs, and textbooks through Japanese publishers.
  4. Conducting surveys by visiting business sites as required for English publications.

Of these activities, the most important is the publication of the English book series, as its publication is the ultimate goal of this Society. We  aim to continue publishing fresh editions of this book series annually.

Unfortunately, within Japanese business management academics, the institutional network regularly publicizing research results in English has, thus far, been less enough. Therefore, we encourage all individuals involved in both the research of and finding solutions to various business management problems and those involved in the business world to actively and constructively participate in the Society’s various ventures. We also believe that these individuals should endeavor to project their findings internationally by launching their own English papers, because such actions will directly contribute to the development of both theories and practices of business management and accounting globally.

The fundamental essence of this Society is to gather like-minded individuals that have both interest and appreciation of business management and accounting. Each member is, at the very least, obliged to present to the Society the research that they are currently undertaking or the challenges that are facing in their work, and inspiring their fellow members by doing so. Wherever possible, members are also encouraged to actively contribute to the annual English book series.

Interested individuals can join this Society at any time, which offers two types of membership: formal and associated. Formal members pay an annual membership fee of 5,000 yen, receive an annual copy of the English book series and can directly contribute to it, and can participate in the seminars and workshops held by the Society and present their research. Associated members do not need to pay an annual membership fee, but can still participate in seminars and workshops and are even permitted to present their findings. Any individual contributing their papers to the English book series are requested to become formal members and pay the membership fee to assist in publication costs. They are also asked to purchase two copies of the edition in which their paper is published.

The number of individuals supporting the goals of the Japan Society of Organization and Accounting is on the rise, and the number of formal members is also gradually increasing. With your active participation and support, we hope for the continued development of this Society well into the future.


Shufuku Hiraoka


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