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    For the purpose of making a contribution to the business and academic communities, Japan Society of Organization and Accounting (JSOA) is committed to publishing the book series, coherently entitled Japanese Management and International Studies, with refereed system.

Focusing on Japan and Japan-related issues, the series is designed to inform the world about research outcomes of the new “Japanese-style management system” developed in Japan. It includes the Japanese version of management systems developed abroad. In addition, it publishes research by foreign scholars and concerning foreign systems that constitute significant points of comparison with the Japanese system.

"Japanes Management and International Studies" 

Vol. 1 Value-Based Management of the Rising Sun (Japan)
Vol. 2 Japanese Management Accounting Today
Vol. 3 Japanese Project Management
Vol. 4 International Management Accounting in Japan
Vol. 5 Business Process Management of Japanese and Korean Companies
Vol. 6 M&A for Value Creation in Japan
Vol. 7 Business Group Management in Japan

Vol. 8 Management of an Inter-Firm Network

Vol. 9 Management of Service Business in Japan

Vol. 10 Management of Enterprise Crises in Japan

Vol. 11 Entrepreneurship in Asia

Vol. 12 Lean Management of Global Supply Chain

Vol. 13 Management of Innovation Strategy in Japanese Companies

Vol. 14 Holistic Business Process Management
Vol. 15 Fixed Revenue Accounting: A New Management Accounting Framework
Vol. 16 
Sustainability Management and Business Strategy in Asia


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